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Yung Lean released his second full-length album, Warlord , on 25 February 2016; that same year he released a line of clothing, "Sad Boys Entertainment". [36]

The Cure, who have been around since 1976 (Easy Cure) and haven't toured the States anyway with a new album since 2008 are currently embarking on a substantial North American tour and with no new album I was really only expecting a "Greatest Hits" type show honestly? And given their Longevity and slew of "Hits" from the heyday of MTV I guess I couldn't blame them and I would have been satisfied more than likely?

Against the backdrop of the women’s liberation movement, the mahō shōjo anime of 1970s introduced a certain coquettishness into the persona of the magical girl. This was not about attracting men through sex appeal, but was portrayed to girls as part of female empowerment. This majokko genre of the 1970s was dominated by the productions of Tōei Animation studio.

Memphis holds the distinction of being the most mentioned city in the world when it comes to commercially recorded songs. As of July 2013, this list has made it up to 1074 songs and counting. The list is maintained at the Memphis Rock and Soul Museum website . The ones listed below are some of the more well known songs:

After recording one of their darkest albums, 1984's The Top , the Cure regrouped and shuffled their lineup, which changed their musical direction rather radically. While the band always had a pop element in their sound and even recorded one of the lightest songs of the '80s, "The Lovecats," The Head on the Door is where they become a hitmaking machine. The shiny, sleek production and laser-sharp melodies of "Inbetween Days" and "Close to Me" helped them become modern rock radio staples and the inspired videos had them in heavy rotation on MTV. The rest of the record didn't suffer for hooks and inventive arrangements either, making even the gloomiest songs like "Screw" and "Kyoto Song" sound radio-ready, and the inventive arrangements (the flamenco guitars and castanets of "The Blood," the lengthy and majestic intro to "Push," the swirling vocals on "The Baby Screams") give the album a musical depth previous efforts lacked. All without sacrificing an ounce of the emotion of the past, which songs as quietly desperate as "A Night Like This" and "Sinking" illustrate. With The Head on the Door , Robert Smith figured out how to make gloom and doom danceable and popular to both alternative and mainstream rock audiences. It was a feat the band managed to pull off for many years afterward, but never as concisely or as impressively as they did here.

Nao meets Miyuki for first time in episode 1 , when Akane introduces her to Miyuki. Later in episode 4 , Nao plays soccer and Miyuki watches her game. Miyuki wants to meet Nao, because she thinks Nao is the fourth Pretty Cure. Miyuki meets her the next day when she is coming from the market. Nao calls Miyuki for dinner at her house. Miyuki meets Nao's brothers and sisters and they become friends.

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Cure, The - Kyoto SongsCure, The - Kyoto SongsCure, The - Kyoto SongsCure, The - Kyoto Songs